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Bakersfield Music Hall Of Fame

2230 Q St

United States

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Intimate Performance Hall for Events, Local Music Recognition & Membership, Recording Studio & Services, Conference & Office Space Available.

The Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame was established on January 1,2015. Its founders, Kimberly McAbee-Carter and Kyle Carter had two goals in mind at the time that they purchased the building at 2230 Q Street:

Goal- To Revive Bakersfield’s great musical heritage to its former grandeur and help the next generation of local artists propel forward to achieve greater accomplishments in the future. A place to promote and encourage all genres and add to the excitement that will help create National Artist’s from our own community?

Goal- To give lasting honor by providing a Music Facility that has the ability to recognize the accomplishments and contributions from the many talented people that exists within Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. Not only the Bakersfield Hall of Fame Recognition, but also a Walk of Fame that will help us remember those who have achieved the status they deserve.

With those two goals in mind, Kyle and Kim purchased the American Sound Recording Studio’s at 2230 Q Street, on the southeast corner of ‘Q’ and 23rd Streets. The transformation began, as it became, ‘The Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame’.

Most people automatically think that it will become a museum. It is not a museum, although there may be a display or two from time to time of a featured artist’s memorabilia.

So what is the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame? It is an establishment that has several functions. The building itself is around 100 years old. It’s beautiful 12-inch thick solid concrete walls and the 4-foot high raised concrete loading dock that bisects the building, suggests that it was used as a packing shed or a freight transportation company in a past life. The American Sound Group put the existing architectural features of the building to good use. The concrete walls will make a great sound barrier for the two beautiful and professional recording studios. The raised loading dock will make for a more exciting and interesting concert experience in the new 250 seats Performing Arts Theatre, just completed. The theatre boasts comfortable leather type stadium seating. Private Entry Sponsor Boxes and a Raised Performance Stage, with state of the art sound, lighting and high definition visual monitors. The very high Tongue and Groove Ceiling at the Entrance along with the old hand made steel and wooden trusses can be seen along with the old warehouse lights that cast a gentle illumination and create a beautiful backdrop for the Charter Member Recognition Hall. Just beyond the entryway is a vintage style Lower Lobby with a Concession Bar for snacks serving fun foods. That area also includes a gift shop where you can purchase you favorite memorabilia or maybe a local artist or band CD. In addition to the Lower Lobby, we have an Upper Lobby with a serving counter and social area so you can hang out with your friends and perhaps enjoy a soft drink or glass of wine while waiting for your show to begin. For catered events such as weddings, anniversaries and business meetings there is a wonderful food prep kitchen just beyond the Upper Lobby, and a beautiful Conference Room that seats 12 comfortable. A receptionist is available at the entrance located at the east side of the building where eight professional offices have been leased out to entertainment businesses. At this time a Radio Station, Podcast and Media, Modeling & Talent, and Staff Offices.


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